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Mite Avenge® is the all natural, safe, non-toxic mange treatment that’s ruthless on mites. Thousands of pet parents have made that choice and saved their dogs with our system. When you’re ready to win the battle, do what they did:

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A better way to beat mange

Happy Dog Naturals products are chemical free, formulated for power and made with love – just like we were saving our own dog. Because, we did. That’s how we got our start.

Mite Avenge®, came to be when we needed an alternative mange treatment to save our dog. Conventional medicine had failed us so in desperation we created a natural remedy. The results were astounding! Naturally (pun intended) a company was born.

Today Mite Avenge® is stronger and just part of an integrated treatment system that is more effective than ever. We’re honored that thousands of families have trusted us to help heal their dogs.

Learn more about Mite Avenge® here.

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We’re as different as our products

We’re specialists, not generalists. Mange is our only focus. Period.

We do mange differently. Deep research has proven time & again that just treating symptoms is not the best way to cure mange.

We’re into the bigger picture. We offer the only system that addresses the true causes of Demodex and also the issues that make Sarcoptic and Cheyletiella so difficult to eliminate.

We're specialists in curing mange naturally.

“Wow! I am totally in awe. My 7 year old pit bull mix has demodectic mange. I am not a fan of chemicals so we chose Mite Avenge.

After one treatment I can already tell a difference. Seeing some hair growth already! He looks and smells so much better.

I am so thrilled that I could literally cry.”

S. Knight-Brown

“Our puppy got sarcoptic mange at 6 months old. His scratching and biting became uncontrollable and he started loosing hair. I worked as a vet assistant so after administering many dip treatments I knew first hand what they do & wanted no part of them.

Thank God I found your site! After 3 treatments he is already looking SO much better. I can’t thank you enough for your products!.”

S. Hall