Become a Happy Dog Naturals Affiliate Marketer

Make money. Help dogs. It’s a win-win!

Perfect for vets, bloggers, and pet-focused businesses

  • Make 15% commission on the most popular products in our online store!
  • No selling, No risk – Just refer!
  • No product to handle
  • We handle customer education & support
  • We handle fulfillment & returns 
  • Free marketing materials available
  • Free to join
  • Special incentives for veterinarians

 Who we want

Not anyone can be one of our affiliates. We review every candidate carefully. This opportunity is perfect for:

  • Pet professionals who want a solution you currently lack and your customers will love.(Ask about our special program for veterinarians)
  • Independent pet supply retailers
  • Bloggers, reviewers & niche website owners
  • Social media aficionados
  • Holistic-minded people who just plain love dogs (and money) and want to help them get healthy again.
  • Probably you

Offer a solution to a growing market with an unmet need

Mange is a bigger problem than ever now thanks to our mobile synthetic society. And a rapidly growing consumer group is changing the marketplace.

  • More & more pet parents are savvy to the dangers of toxic chemical treatment and are actively seeking a safe alternative.
  • Self-diagnosis is mainstream, especially for itchy skin that hasn’t responded to treatment (diagnosing mange is difficult & misdiagnosis sends them looking. Usually online!)
  • Happy Dog Naturals offers the only proven all natural holistic mange treatment system worldwide
  • Profit by recommending an effective product that no one else offers (unless they find our site before you tell them about it!)
  • Happy Dog Naturals has changed the lives of dogs worldwide and turned their guardians into raving fans with our signature product Mite Avenge. Now it can change yours.

Be their hero

People trust you. When they have questions about mange or itchy skin/allergies that don’t respond to treatment — be their hero just by cluing them in to a truly effective non-chemical treatment that works. That’s it!

It’s so easy

Affiliate marketing can be cheesy — but not our program! Feel comfortable sending your trusting clients and followers to the mange experts at Happy Dog Naturals. Our reputation for unequaled products and amazing customer service will make you look good.

Getting started is easy too with free professional marketing materials like banner ads and customizable handouts.

Here’s how to easily earn extra income while helping us help more dogs:

  1. JOIN – Sign up below to participate in Happy Dog Naturals’ affiliate marketing program.
  2. REFER – Send people to our comprehensive website. (Face-to-face? We’ve got printed hand-outs for you. On your site? We’ve got banner ads for you -just embed your code. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll work with you to meet your needs.)
  3. EARN – When they purchase any Happy Dog Naturals product, you get 15% of the sale.

Squeaky Clean

You are representing an ethical old-school business with revolutionary niche products and customer service that’s nothing short of amazing. We know what we do is extraordinary but we guarantee it anyway. If a customer does not feel that Mite Avenge is a fit, it is 100% refundable within 30 days. In such cases, your account is debited.

Everything is in the cloud. It’s easy for your leads to order anytime, anywhere. For transparency, we use a quality sales tracking service that records your affiliate link sales. Use you personal portal to check your balance 24/7.

All affiliates have to be approved. We value our reputation and put so much effort and care into our products that we passionately protect our brand. We expect our affiliates to do the same. Only above-board, white hat techniques are allowed and spamming is rabidly prohibited. Full details can be found in the Terms and Conditions of your Affiliate Agreement.

Now’s the time

Permanently lock in a 15% commission rate on our most popular products.

Please note: Commissions cannot be received for personal orders placed by an individual affiliate, an affiliate company, its officers or employees