Lavender: Miracle in a Bottle?

Eau de toilette is perhaps every dog’s favorite scent, right? But much to your dog’s [...]

Over-the-Counter Antihistamines Just Might Be Your Dog’s New Best Friend

When mange mites attack, over-the-counter antihistamines may well be you dog's new best friend. [...]

Extra itchiness with (or without) Demodex. It’s probably from the inevitable fungus among us.

Why do so many itchy, flaky, oily, and smelly dogs leave the vet’s office without [...]

Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics for dogs? Absolutely! Okay, before we get started, let’s acknowledge a couple of indisputable [...]

The 70-80% More Potent Immune Building Mushroom Supplements

Some mushrooms are better for dinner, and some are better for healing. While almost every [...]

How To Break Your Dog’s Itch Cycle

Itching’s never-ending cycle Scratching irritates the skin’s mast cells which only serves to intensify the [...]

6 Ways To Build Your Dogs Immune System and Beat Mange

Our resident Canine Mange Specialist, Cindy Ritchie, recently attended the Raw and Natural Dog Summit [...]

What NASC certification means

The multi-billion dollar animal supplement industry thrives with no guidelines or standards and little regulation. [...]

The Summertime Killer – Overheating & Heatstroke

How to Stop the Summertime Killer Cold So how are you enjoying the hottest weather [...]

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Wildlife Carries Mange – Pretty Wild Huh?

[Updated July 12 2017] The information that follows is also true for Cheyletiella mites which are [...]

Vaccines and Demodicosis

[Updated July 10, 2017] One of the hot topics in holistic animal care these days [...]