Lavender: Miracle in a Bottle?

Eau de toilette is perhaps every dog’s favorite scent, right? But much to your dog’s [...]

Over-the-Counter Antihistamines Just Might Be Your Dog’s New Best Friend

When mange mites attack, over-the-counter antihistamines may well be you dog's new best friend.

Extra itchiness with (or without) Demodex. It’s probably from the inevitable fungus among us.

Why do so many itchy, flaky, oily, and smelly dogs leave the vet’s office without [...]

Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics for dogs? Absolutely! Okay, before we get started, let’s acknowledge a couple of indisputable [...]

The 70-80% More Potent Immune Building Mushroom Supplements

Some mushrooms are better for dinner, and some are better for healing. While almost every [...]

How To Break Your Dog’s Itch Cycle

Itching’s never-ending cycle Scratching irritates the skin’s mast cells which only serves to intensify the [...]

6 Ways To Build Your Dogs Immune System and Beat Mange

Our resident Canine Mange Specialist, Cindy Ritchie, recently attended the Raw and Natural Dog Summit [...]

What NASC certification means

The multi-billion dollar animal supplement industry thrives with no guidelines or standards and little regulation. [...]

The Summertime Killer – Overheating & Heatstroke

How to Stop the Summertime Killer Cold So how are you enjoying the hottest weather [...]

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Wildlife Carries Mange – Pretty Wild Huh?

[Updated July 12 2017] The information that follows is also true for Cheyletiella mites which are [...]

Vaccines and Demodicosis

[Updated July 10, 2017] One of the hot topics in holistic animal care these days [...]