Dixie, winner of the 2018 Happy Don Naturals' Photo Contest


The Happy Dog Naturals’ Photo Contest Winner is Dixie!!!

Dixie’s Mom: Jessica Adams
Breed:  Red Merle Australian Shepherd
“Dixie came into my life December of 2007 as a puppy and has been a bigger blessing than I could have ever imagined. She is my sidekick and my shotgun rider. We travel together, go camping, swimming & everything possible.
My mother and I have both had the privilege of rescuing several dogs over the years (even a horse and a cat once) and taking them into our own homes or finding them safe, loving, forever homes. From picking up puppies left on the side of the road or carelessly dropped off at the trash dump, to adopting from an animal shelter, I  know that we have made a difference in at least a few sweet fur-babies lives.
Rescued dogs have a different, special kind of love, one that can only come from an animal who is just thankful for getting a second chance at being loved and being loyal. Animals have always been a huge part of my life and for as long as I live will remain so!”

Jessica and Dixie’s Choice of Rescue

I have chosen Keller’s Cause as my choice of rescue foundation because it supports a cause that is close to my heart because my dog Dixie, is a Red Merle Australian Shepherd.

So many people are not aware of the danger in double breeding Merle’s, it can cause the puppies to be blind and deaf. Keller’s Cause is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit that rescues and raises awareness for Double Merle Australian Shepherds. 


Website: www.kellerscause.com

Facebook page:  Keller’s Cause             

Our job is saving sick dogs

…which made us think that running a photo contest would be easy. (Ha!)

But it was an amazing experience. We thank everyone who participated and honor dog rescues everywhere. And we send our deepest gratitude to our panel of judges who had no idea what they were getting in to.

It was fun but…

we don’t deserve harassment, hate mail, unkind Facebook comments or phone calls about the outcome from those who disagree. If only we could please everyone. 

A beautiful dog  & worthy rescue have won. This was supposed to be a fun way to honor dogs and rescues. Let’s leave it at that and celebrate dog love together!