Demodectic – Treatment Plan & Pro Application Tips

“How-To Steps” and “Insider Advice” for getting the most effective mite avenge application.

Ahead of Time

Take stock of where you’re at. The most powerful tool you have is positive intention.

  • You know you’ve got this. Release any fear or negativity and allow only positive energy. Approach every step of the process for the rest of this journey with mindful intention. This changes everything. Call us for a pep talk if you need a boost.

Give your dog a haircut. By nature, dog hair is designed to shed water. Long hair, thick hair, and double coats can work against getting the saturation required to flood Mite Avenge deep below skin level where we want it. Treatments are more effective (and skin health is improved) with a new ‘do.

  • Trim your pet’s hair as short as you dare – but don’t go longer than 1 inch. (A total shave is not mandatory but it’s not wrong either.)

Go shopping. This is optional but it will help you get the most out of your Mite Avenge treatment.

  • Obtain a closed container slightly larger than your dog. Depending on your pet’s size, this could be a plastic sweater box, Rubbermaid-type plastic tub, drywall pan, portable dog washtub, etc.
  • If you don’t have it, get your hands on some benzoyl peroxide pet shampoo.

Application Schedule

  • Bathe with benzoyl peroxide shampoo then apply Mite Avenge as directed at least twice a week until the skin returns to normal and hair has regrown. Continue treating for 4 more weeks to eradicate hatching nymphs.

Treatment Duration:

How long does it take to treat? We cannot tell you how long this will take as treatment durations vary depending on a number of things, many of which we cannot measure.

Your dog’s situation is not exactly like any other dog’s. Some of the factors at play are age, the severity of infection, how long the mites have raged, the degree of follicle impaction, how deep the mites have managed to burrow, the overall condition of the dog & whether there are other health issues, and most importantly — the current state of the immune system.

We can tell you that on average it takes 12-16 treatments to kill off the overpopulation of egg-laying adults. Some dogs take less, some more.

When to stop. Your sign that the mites are under control include:

  • Your dog’s skin looks completely normal. Everywhere. The only exception is skin discoloration that may not have faded yet.
  • There should be no sign of prior mange symptoms such as flaking, odors, inflammation, irritation, bumps, secondary infection, excessive itching, etc.
  • There should be a respectable amount of hair regrowth.
  • Once you’ve reached this blessed point, continue treating once a week for 4 more weeks to eradicate hatching nymphs.

The most important thing to remember is there’s more to beating this disease than killing mites. Even though it’s a problematic miserable condition, Demodectic mange is a symptom of something you can’t see. The bottom line is your dog has an internal immune problem.

You can’t cut the legs out from under the disease by treating only the symptoms. Your dog’s recovery odds and speed are directly affected by how you tackle the root problem with aggressive immune work.

Treatment Day

  • Prep. Mix the Mite Avenge solution in the applicator bottle according to direction. Mix the entire bottle of concentrate. Do not mix a portion as it is difficult to get the ratios right. Have the prepared Mite Avenge solution, your plastic container, shampoo, protective eye drops and/or anything else you anticipate needing at the ready.
  • Wash your dog. Demodectic treatments MUST be preceded by a flushing bath with specialized pet shampoo containing at 2½–3% benzoyl peroxide. We carry our enhanced FLUSH & KILL Shampoo and a basic version for sensitive skin. For the optimal benzoyl peroxide bath, follow these special shampooing instructions. They are specific to mange and more detailed than what is on the product label.
  • Apply Mite Avenge. Place your freshly bathed dog in the plastic container. Using the applicator bottle, completely saturate your dog with Mite Avenge by applying the solution uniformly across all areas of the skin and fur. Use every drop necessary to soak the dog down. Do not discard the Mite Avenge runoff that is collecting in the bottom of your plastic container.
  • Work it in. It’s not enough to simply pour it on. The mites are too deep. Push hair against the grain to reveal the skin and continually recirculate the runoff from the bottom of the tub. Repeatedly flood the same areas to get down to the mites deep beneath your pet’s skin. Address all facial areas, wipe out the ears, saturating everything, everywhere. Allow your dog to stand in the Mite Avenge runoff. Avoid getting shampoo or Mite Avenge in the eyes. It may be helpful to use our protective eye drops for your peace of mind and to ensure your pet’s comfort. After completing a treatment, discard the remaining used Mite Avenge in the plastic container.
  • Do NOT rinse Mite Avenge off. Allow to air dry slowly. Do not force air dry or use direct heat. Pat paw pads and between the toes thoroughly dry. Apply praise liberally.

Need Less Than a Full Bottle?

Short haired dogs under 30 pounds may not require a full 24 oz. of Mite Avenge for a successful treatment. Mix a full bottle of concentrate as directed. Place the dog in a closed container (as explained in the enclosed treatment instructions) and apply mixed solution liberally. Use enough solution to thoroughly drench the coat down to skin level then set the applicator bottle aside and continue treatment as instructed. To avoid product degradation, proper storage of remaining activated Mite Avenge is critical.

  • Immediately store any left over solution in a dark place to prevent light degradation.
  • Store product at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperature changes such as refrigeration, heat sources or outdoor areas where temperatures fluctuate.
  • Do not warm leftover solution to a temperature greater than 100º F (essentially no warmer than a baby’s bottle).
  • Correctly stored solution should remain viable for 7–10 days.

More Pro Tips

  • No special cleaning is necessary. Demodex mites are not an environmental hazard. They do not run around the house nor can they infect, contaminate or bother anything or anyone.
  • Consider treating your dog at night. Mite Avenge delivers a better kill rate at night when mites are closest to the surface or on the move. For this to be effective the dog must be in a dark environment for at least 2 hours prior to beginning treatment to give the slowpokes time to move towards the surface. Pre-dawn or late evening treatments are popular with people using this trick.
  • Bear in mind that with Demodectic mites, due to the nature of their habitat, it is impossible to kill more than a layer or so of mites per application. It’s sort of like peeling off the layers of an onion. This is why it’s important to apply Mite Avenge 2X a week. Frequent applications knock down the number of egg-laying adults faster and limit the spread of migrating mites. It also helps push through the discomfort of die-off effect that may occur if your dog is sensitive to all the toxins that dying mites release.
  • When treating Demodectic mange, the toxins being released into the skin can lead to secondary infection. Daily povidone iodine wipe-downs can help prevent and/or minimize the severity of this problem – if antibiotics can be avoided they should, and this may help do just that!
  • Immune Support is a critical part of our holistic treatment plan.
    It is important to reiterate that intense immune support is a necessary part of our holistic program. It truly is the secret sauce. Mite Avenge kills mites but without a robust immune system, they return quickly. Our website has a very informative section about improving immune health.

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