Immune Health = Secret Weapon

The Secret to Beating Demodex

There’s more to beating Demodectic mange than killing mites with Mite Avenge. That’s because Demodex is the only type of mange that is developed, not caught somewhere. Mange develops because the immune system is compromised, underdeveloped, worn out, or blown out by an infinite number of possibilities.

Your dog is meant to have a few of these mites, and a healthy immune system keeps them in check. All is rosy unless something happens to his immune system. With no resistance, the parasite population explodes and your dog suffers the consequences. Essentially, your dog’s mange is only an outward symptom of internal immune system problems that are only going to get worse.

Demodectic mites are aggressive and Demodectic mange is progressive. The chain of events going on under your dog’s skin is not only disgusting, but it’s also cyclical, with each cycle causing further immune damage. The worse the immune system gets, the faster the disease progresses and the longer it takes to recover.

The tide has to turn.

Depleted or damaged immune systems rarely self-recover. They just get worse.

You’ve got to step in.

Immune support is the secret sauce that will help your dog recover faster and help her stay healthy. We must also focus on building immune health.

The immune system is ridiculously complex and interwoven. We’ve been trying to eat this elephant one bite at a time for years and we’re still at it. It’s unlikely that anyone anywhere grasps the whole thing in its entirety.

Hills, but not quite molehills.

Here at Happy Dog Naturals, we distilled a mountain range down to 4 hills. We’ve identified the four key areas of immune work that are the most important when treating Demodicosis.  We call them The 4 Pillars of Immune Health. (Yes, we coined that phrase way before Dr. Becker).

The 4 Pillars of Immune Health

These four areas are the most helpful ) for demodex recovery.

Read on to dig deeper into each topic.

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