Detox Immune System

Why it matters.

All of us, humans and dogs alike, are exposed every day to a massive number of heavy metals, carcinogens, and toxins.

Our animals are regularly exposed to toxins in vaccines, wormers, drugs, processed dog and people foods, mold, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, household substances, medications, plants, plastics, tap water — and they build up inside your dog. Even raw diets can contain hormones, vaccines and antibiotics, genetically modified and processed foods, hard metals and pesticides.

We definitely live in a synthetic society. No living being is equipped to purge the all garbage it absorbs. Dogs included. Pound for pound they have a higher toxin load than humans and smaller organs to filter and eliminate it. Toxins stress the body, affect various parts of the immune system, undermining their performance and putting a drain on resources that the dog could otherwise use for healing.

The hardest hit purification organs are the liver, kidneys and skin. The lymphatic system is next and ultimately the rest of the body and its functions are affected.

This ultimately leads to health problems from allergies to cancer and everything in between. Many health professionals suspect that society’s increasing toxicity overly taxes organs of the body and they begin to wear out when too much is demanded of them for too long. Today we have near-epidemic number of cases of diseases that were practically unheard of before the industrial age.

Have you ever wondered why one in four dogs will get cancer and over half of those are older dogs. As a matter of fact, cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10. We believe there’s a relationship between our less-than-natural world and the recent increase in Demodectic Mange.

Once a dog develops mange, things get more dicey. Demodex mites are full of nasty toxins, which they release them primarily via their waste. The mite overpopulation produces an even higher toxin load. The yeast that started to mushroom when immune health first lagged is now going strong and they’re contributing to the toxin load with the 90 types of toxins they are known to carry. This increase in toxins causes it’s vital system functions to be more sluggish, all of which drag her immune system further into the red zone.

But wait. It gets worse.

The dog’s pores and follicles have become home to some of the pathogenic bacteria and yeast that’s running rampant. They are also home to irritating mites that fill their homes with waste and sebum which creates the perfect environment for the trapped pathogens to fester and start infection.

By itself the infection has dealt the immune system another stiff blow, but if medication is used to treat it, that sets up another scenario for decline. Things aren’t looking good. More yeast and more mites means more toxins!

And then it gets even worse – Die-off Sickness.

By now we have a dog beleaguered with an alarming number of toxic yeast organisms and potentially millions of mite producing toxins. Luckily our dog’s owner is already killing off the yeast overgrowth and killing mites with Mite Avenge®. But what happens when all those toxic mites and yeast organisms die? They release all their toxins at once of course! The toxin load has become so high that the dog is at risk of developing of Herxheimer’s or die-off sickness.

Studies support that the immune system organs are prime targets for the effects of toxins. The official ruling is that toxic insult impairs immunity, which in turn may alter disease susceptibility.

You have nothing to lose. The outlook for your dog’s mange recovery and long-term health can only improve if you take action to support their immune system.

What to do about it.

General liver support is important for dogs that carry a heavy toxin load as is supporting other parts of the detoxification pathways.

  • Detoxify and invigorate the liver with natural detoxifiers. Giving them a helping hand helps your dog process, eliminate unhealthy impurities and help the liver repair itself. Our favorite natural detoxifiers areMilk Thistle, Additionally,  4-Whey Pet Health Builder, Immune Boost Ester-C, and Concentrated Colostrum also help minimize the risk the pup getting sick from the yeast-die-off & flood of mite toxins that come with killing mites. Other helpful supplements that have detoxifying properties include burdock root, dandelion root, cranberry, amino acids, chlorella, spirulina, licorice, Oregon grape, red clover, SAMe and yellow dock. Other helpful supplements that have detoxifying properties include burdock root, dandelion root, cranberry, amino acids, chlorella, spirulina, licorice, Oregon grape, red clover, SAMe and yellow dock.all have detoxifying properties.
  • Give the liver a helping hand. Probiotics that contain digestive enzymes and an uncontaminated fish oil supplement rich in omega-3 Fatty Acids prevents and reduces inflammation. You will already have them on hand because they are the foundation of Pillar #1. 
  • Provide amino acid supplements to increase toxin elimination. Dogs physically cannot produce the essential amino acids so they must be obtained through diet. Commercial dog food does not supply them because high heat processing destroys them. Amino acid supplements improve the organs and functions in all four Pillars because all body functions suffer when they are in short supply. But toxin removal suffers most because the dog’s body allocates the available amino acids to higher priority functions with immediate needs and detoxification becomes a low priority. Our4-Whey Pet Health Builder has an unsurpassed amino acid panel with excellent bioavailability. It’s aminos combine to help your dog produce Glutathione which has many magical properties including being a great detoxifier.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 enhances cellular metabolism and prevents the formation of damaging oxygen free radicals. This is also a helpful supplement for Pillar #4.
  • Exercise your dog for at least 30 minutes every day. This boosts lymph circulation, which clears toxins from the body.
  • Provide the purest water possible. Tap water contains things that are best not consumed.



4-Whet Pet Health and toxin reduction supplements are available at our online store.

4-Whey Pet Health Builder (probiotics and detox)
Microflora Plus 
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Milk Thistle (detox)

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