Reduce Yeast Production

Why it matters

Yeasts are microscopic, single-celled organisms that prefer warm, moist places. They’re classified as both yeast and fungus. Small amounts of these organisms are normally found in all of us, including our dogs. In limited numbers, yeast functions as a natural decomposer and does not interfere with health.

Yeast cells live in the intestinal tract, on the skin, in the ears, and in mucous membranes throughout the body. When the immune system tips out of balance, they can multiply rapidly within a protective biofilm.

Biofilms are a protected niche for microorganisms, where they are safe from antibiotic treatment and can create a source of persistent infection.

Healthy immune systems keep yeast under control. However, when an immune system is weak trouble can start. Without resistance, your dog can become the victim of yeast overgrowth faster than you can imagine.

The compromised immune system that initiates Demodectic mange also sets up the perfect scenario for the fungal organisms to reach an itchy, painful, and/or damaging, pathogenic level at astonishing speeds. You may not sense the symptoms but it’s an inescapable by-product of a compromised immune system

Yeast naturally secretes enzymes and toxins. Excessive amounts of these secretions overload the liver, build up in body tissue, and further suppress the immune system (just was a sick dog needs, right?).

All of your pet’s physiological systems are interconnected. And when the immune system isn’t functioning like the forcefield that it’s supposed to be, all sorts of things get out of balance. With mange, a dog’s system stops functioning optimally because this action/reaction free-for-all spreads everywhere on a cellular level. Yeast overload is no exception. Common signs of excessive yeast infection include musty (sometimes downright rank) odors, allergies, bladder infections, chronic infections, especially in the ears, skin problems, lesions or sores, thickened skin (“elephant skin”), hyperpigmentation (darkly pigmented skin), skin discharge, redness, scales, crusty, flaky or itchy skin and last but not least, lots of fat, healthy Demodectic mites. The first signs often show up on the underside of the neck, the belly, skin folds, around the anus, and the feet.

Yeast and Demodectic mites share a mutually beneficial relationship. They enable each other in numerous ways as they suppress the immune system further. The most sickening part of this cycle is mites get fat and happy eating the endless supply of yeast while your dog gets sicker.

Important: If your dog has Demodectic mange, yeast is a problem on some level -even if she does not have telltale signs. Any way you look at it, yeast is Public Enemy #1 and it needs to be arrested.

What to do about it

Actually, let’s start with what not to do about it. Don’t bother with antibiotics or steroids to clear up yeast infections and skin problems. They only clear up symptoms temporarily and in the long run, they just make them worse.

Antibiotics are non-selective about which bacteria they kill. As they destroy the infection-causing bacteria they also wipe out whatever beneficial bacteria your dog has left. Sometimes steroids relieve itching for a little while. But any benefits they might provide are outweighed by their horrible downside.

Steroids are very hard on all of your dog’s inner workings and stay in the body for a long time. What’s worse, they don’t just suppress the immune system — they shut it down. They provide short-term relief by masking symptoms but behind the scenes, they worsen the problems behind them. Ultimately your dog’s misery returns and this time it’s worse than ever.

So how do you combat yeast? You attack this powerful enemy from both the inside and out. Here is a thorough holistic battle plan.


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