October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Giving a shelter dog a caring forever home is a wonderful thing for both of you .But, not everyone is in the position to provide a shelter dog with a home. For those that can’t adopt – there are other ways to help your local shelter and save dogs’ lives.

Five Ways to Lend a Hand if You Can’t Adopt

  1. Donate money. Some facilities are solely funded by donations. Even just a few bucks can be used to make a homeless dog’s life improve. For example, your $15 can buy a flea treatment, $50 will pay for a heartworm test, $60 for a full medical exam, $90 for vaccinations and microchip ID insertion, and $150 for neuter/spay surgery.
  2. Contribute supplies. It’s very likely that your local shelters have a long wish list of supplies and other equipment necessary for rescue operations. You’ll never know how those old crates, blankets, or computers of yours can be of value to rescuers. So, instead of dumping those old materials, try checking with the rescue group first and find out if they might need it.
  3. Offer your special skills. Are you a great graphic artist, a bookkeeper, an investment specialist, carpenter, or a seamstress? Your local shelter just may be in need of someone with your skills and experience. Remember that there are lots of aspects of the lifesaving work- from administrative work, pet training, grooming, and feeding, to site maintenance, adoption events, community outreach, and fundraising, which you may be of great help.
  4. Groom and train the pets. Too many people simply pass by wonderful animals because they couldn’t see the lovely, adorable pooch behind the grimy matted mess. A clean, well-groomed dog is far more likely to be taken on board than a grubby one. If you can’t adopt but want to help your local shelter, try spending a couple of hours every week bathing and brushing the dogs. Training them with some basic commands also gives these pets a better chance of finding a home. Plus, the dogs will love the extra attention you’re giving them!
  5. Help them get the word out. Assist rescue groups and animal shelters by posting photos and videos of rescue pooches on adopt-a-pet sites. Just imagine what exposure through the internet could actually mean for a dog that has been waiting a long time for his new home. Just ask the shelter, offer what you can do, take some photos, and post them wherever possible

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