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Demodectic Treatment Products

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Launch the most aggressive attack possible on Demodectic mange with this convenient powerhouse bundle!

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Mite Avenge 6-Pack, plus options for recommended treatment items.  


16 oz - Cleans and flushes hair follicles plus controls demodex, sarcoptic, and cheyletiella mites. Also important for use before Mite Avenge® drench, and other topical mange treatments.


12 oz - Use this to clear and flush skin follicles before Mite Avenge® treatment. Helps reduce yeast - a food source for demodectic mites (demodex).


This antifungal shampoo is effective for ringworm, yeast & bacterial infections, dermatitis, & demodectic mange. Helps reduce itching, odors, irritated skin, greasiness, hair loss, scaly skin, inflammation, paw infections, hair loss, chronic ear infection.


This medicinal mushroom supplement provides powerful blood-borne immune support for your dog by activating a certain class of white blood cells. Dramatically increases Natural Killer cell activity for superior immune defenses.


Important immune support for dogs with Demodectic mange with properties that assist all 4 Immune pillars. 12 oz.


For the occasional maintenance treatment that is sometimes necessary for dogs with Demodectic Mange. Can also be used if additional bottles are necessary when treating large dogs for all types of mange.


Kills Mites, soothes, moisturizes and heals. For use in conjunction with Mite Avenge® as a spot treatment for temporary relief between Mite Avenge® applications.


Alcohol-free super itch killer. Immediate relief from pain and itching caused by mange mites, allergies, insect bites, hot spots, etc. Ingredients include natural healing agents. 8 oz. bottle (236 ml.)


First aid for mange related wounds. All natural essential oils and tincture of Prunella Vulgaris speeds up healing.


Includes 3 immune boosting products selected for Digestive Support and Overall Immune Support.