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Launch the most aggressive attack possible on Demodectic mange with this convenient powerhouse bundle!


This antifungal shampoo is effective for ringworm, yeast & bacterial infections, dermatitis, & demodectic mange. Helps reduce itching, odors, irritated skin, greasiness, hair loss, scaly skin, inflammation, paw infections, hair loss, chronic ear infection.


Important immune support for dogs with Demodectic mange with properties that assist all 4 Immune pillars. 12 oz.


Includes 6 immune boosting products selected for Digestive Support, Yeast Reduction and Overall Immune Support.


Includes 9 immune boosting products selected for Digestive Support, Yeast Reduction, Overall Immune Support and System Detox.


A safe way to treat minor skin infections. Disinfects staph, yeast, and almost all common bacteria.

Now 60 Count - Same Great Price!

Supports digestion, alleviates the negative affects of antibiotics, and helps combat yeast problems.


Nutribiotic Maximum GSE with Citricidal® is the powerhouse yeast and infection fighter for dogs with Demodectic mange. This is 400% stronger than regular grapefruit seed extract to help beat yeast and heal faster.