Better Immune Support Bundle


Includes 6 immune boosting products selected for Digestive Support, Yeast Reduction and Overall Immune Support.

Microflora Plus Digestive Support for Dogs

Supports digestion, alleviates the negative affects of antibiotics, and helps combat yeast problems.


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E-mune Boost for Dogs - Dr. Harvey's Hollistic Herbal Immune Support Supplement

This power-packed supplement helps fight demodectic mange by boosting your dog’s immune system functions and improving overall health.


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4-Whey Pet Health Builder

Important immune support for dogs with Demodectic mange with properties that assist all 4 Immune pillars.

12 oz.


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Nutribiotic Maximum GSE with Citricidal®

Nutribiotic Maximum GSE with Citricidal® is the powerhouse yeast and infection fighter for dogs with Demodectic mange. This is 400% stronger than regular grapefruit seed extract to help beat yeast and heal faster.


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Concentrated Colostrum for Dogs

The only supplement that actually adds back antibodies & immune factors to help repair a compromised immune system.


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Wholistic Ester-C for Dogs

For the extra Ester-C needed by demodex dogs with a stressed immune system.


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