All-Out War Demodectic Mange Kit

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Launch the most aggressive attack possible on Demodectic mange with this convenient powerhouse bundle!


Mite Avenge® 6 Pack


Flush & Kill Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo

Flushes skin, exfoliates, contains anti-parisitic essential oils – Not for use on dogs with sensitive or broken skin.


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Povidone Iodine


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Microflora Plus Digestive Support for Dogs


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E-mune Boost for Dogs - Dr. Harvey's Hollistic Herbal Immune Support Supplement


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4-Whey Pet Health Builder


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Nutribiotic Maximum GSE with Citricidal®


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Concentrated Colostrum for Dogs


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Wholistic Ester-C for Dogs


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Ground Milk Thistle - Natual Detox and Liver Support from Herbsmith


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Wild Salmon Oil for Dogs - Mange Balanced


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Medicinal Mushrooms: NK-9 Immune Support (AHCC)


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