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Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics for dogs? Absolutely! Okay, before we get started, let’s acknowledge a couple of indisputable [...]

How To Break Your Dog’s Itch Cycle

Itching’s never-ending cycle Scratching irritates the skin’s mast cells which only serves to intensify the [...]

What NASC certification means

The multi-billion dollar animal supplement industry thrives with no guidelines or standards and little regulation. [...]

Healthy Dog Food Resources

[Oct. 18, 2017 – Updated Information & Resources below] As you’ve probably gleaned from our other [...]

Which dog breeds get Demodectic mange?

Some breeds have a higher risk of developing Demodex Certain dog breeds are predisposed to [...]

Does Your Dog Have Frito Feet?

What do you mean, you’ve never smelled your dog’s feet? If you want to go [...]