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“He was always sleeping and scratching from the mange, just feeling miserable all the time…”

July 9th, 2022

I purchased the demodetic mange treatment for my dog, Digger, a little over a month ago, and I cannot express how grateful I am to have found your product. He is like an entirely new dog. He was always sleeping and scratching from the mange, just feeling miserable all the time. Now he’s happy and energetic all the time. I’m including a picture of him before and after his treatment. Thank you for your wonderful products!

Ashley W.

Before and after Mite Avenge treatment for sarcoptic mange..

“…they are finally itch free and all of their hair has grown back.”

July 6th, 2022

I just wanted to let your company know what an amazing product you have. Our one dog was scratching uncontrollably. We originally thought she developed an allergy to her dog food. We switched her food and she had no relief. We then thought hot spots..nope. It ended by being Sarcoptic mange. Which spread to our other dog!  We tried everything we read about with no relief.

I finally found your website and decided what the heck.. nothing else had worked (I refused to use the toxic medication the vets prescribed!)

We treated both of our dogs for four weeks and they are finally itch free and all of their hair has grown back. I’m so incredibly thankful for your products and if my dogs could talk they would also be thanking you from the bottom of their hearts!

Thank you,
Jessica Guenther

My collie Emitt looks incredible …

Apr 5, 2021

Thank you for taking pride in all of your fantastic and safe products. It’s apparent that everyone at Happy Dog Naturals truly cares about our companions, putting heart and soul into making and keeping our fur friends comfortable, healthy and well cared for.


I knew I was on the right track …

Feb 15, 2021

Jewel, my 14 yr. Golden Retriever stopped eating dog food!  She dropped 20 lbs. And was dying before my eyes.  I was so distraught after taking her to the vet and running blood work, Jewel’s liver was failing and white blood cells were depleting.  The vets answer was she had Cancer and liver failure and to take her home and enjoy her days left.

Right away I got on line to educate myself.  After much research I knew I had to change her diet to a raw diet because Jewel’s immune system was depleted in which also, explained all the itching she had (Ringworm & Demodectic Mange) and spots on her face where the hair was falling out!

That’s when I stumbled into “Happy Dog Naturals” and read their articles about mange!  I knew I was on the right track!  I called and spoke to Cindy, the owner and she reassured me Jewel will be ok after much counseling on how to use her products.  She had been in my shoes with her dog years passed and knew exactly how I felt.

I ordered Flush & Kill Shampoo, along with the Mite Avenge, Marshmallow Mange Mud, Protective Eye Drops, Iodine and Ground Milk Thistle (cleanses liver). These products all worked together and cured, Jewel!

I am here to let every dog owner that may be going through what I went through is that these products work and I honestly do not know what else I would of done without the guidance from, Cindy and using these products!

I hope this helps you!

Demodectic Mange around dog's eye before treatment
Jewel's Eye Before Treatment
Demodectic mange around dog's eye during treatment
...During Treatment
Demodectic Mange around dog's eye cured
Jewel's Eye After Treatment
Julie Zwiernik-Hastings

and then I found your website …

Feb 12, 2021

Thank you for your amazing company, products and information.

My little dog had suffered with sarcoptic mange for months after going to a holistic vet. She gave the Chinese pills and the ointment for the exterior but the poor dog kept losing hair… I tried a dozen other natural remedies online, and all sorts of shampoos… it never helped.

I found your site and followed up by reading and now he is healed! Hair growing back, no more scratching… You are a Godsend and I will only be shopping at your site and telling others when I can.


The Pictures Say It All …

Jan 13, 2021

My dog Frankie has suffered from skin issues all of his life (he is 4 years old!). We have been told because he had Giardia as a puppy his immune system would never be able to fight these infections.

… after doing some research on non-chemical based products… I gave it a try just two weeks ago. Whoa!

This has completely changed his itching nights, his hairless patches, his red swollen tummy… all of it gone in two short weeks. I am absolutely amazed. He is such a happier dog and we haven’t stressed about harsh chemicals and prolonged open sores.

Thank you again!!!

Typical symptoms of demodex mite over-population in dogs.
Frankie before Mite Avenge demodex treatment for dogs.
After Mite Avenge treatment for demodex
Frankie two weeks later.
Mia Maluchi-Elliott

I just want to thank you for saving my best friend.

Lexi is lab mix and I have had her since she was 7 weeks now she is 9. This nightmare started about 2 years ago. I had her in and out of it getting shots, taking antibiotics, they would work for a little while but then it seemed that she would get it worse.

I finally decided I wanted to go holistic and I’ve been blessed enough to find you. I’ve only been using the product for 5 months and Lexie literally looks like a brand new dog. Her hair is almost all grown back and she’s healthy.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for saving here life!

Rhonda C.

Your product has made his life much better

Thank you so much for sending the replacement for my damaged shipment.

The Mite Avenge has really worked well. Gari is extremely allergic to all mites even dust mites. His allergy test was a +4. We bathe this 165 lb Landseer ECT weekly. He is 8 1/2 years old. I just want you to know that your product has made his life much better. Thank you!!!!!

Garibaldi is doing well after Mite Avenge
Dennis Jensen

Thank you! Thank you!!

Thank you so much for your products. Annabelle (our wonderful German Shepherd) is alive and happy, only because of you. :-) After several years of chemical dipping when she was young (I hated the poison), and the vet telling us she might have two more years of life because her case was so severe, I went on line and looked and prayed and found Happy Dogs!! We have continued to have bouts (especially when the hot Texas summers hit), but we still use Mute Avenge regularly, as we have for years now, and she will be eleven on May 29th! She is still active and a happy dog with happy owners! Thank you, thank you!

Pam Cummings

Before and after thanks to Mite Avenge!

Hi wanted to send you a before & after picture of Dallas
He grew his hair back & is doing well after your treatment.
He’s on the right on the after pic.
Thanks so much xoxoxo.


“Our dogs got immediate relief”

I want to thank you for your very well researched, carefully formulated mange products.When I realized what was going on with my dogs, I set about researching and gathering ingredients, feeling unsure that I had it right.Then I found your company, and all of the pressure was off.Your customer service is second to none, and your support is very much appreciated.We simply followed your very detailed instructions using your wonderful products and immediately made great strides. We will continue the protocol, using all of the immune products and rinses and washes, and I feel confident that we will be mange free very soon.Our dogs got immediate relief after just one application.We will keep treating for the time period that you recommended and will also keep some product on hand to do periodic preventative maintenance.Thank you again and again for your efforts to serve us brilliantly.Pat and Sherri Harding and 5 happy Havanese.

Sherri Harding

Problem puppies

I’m a mom of two puppies who stumbled across the Happy Dog Naturals website when my younger puppy decided to go exploring under our fence into a drainage pond behind our home.  She brought back some mite friends with her into our house and was generous enough to share them with her sister.  I had two very itchy, very miserable dogs who were losing fur in clumps and looked awful.  After a few weeks of not really being sure of what was going on with our younger dog, things became clearer when our second dog began itching.  My dogs are on a holistic regimen and I really try to avoid chemical products and medications at all costs.  This site was a dream come true.  I ordered a sarcoptic mange kit and we followed the directions closely.  We saw pretty immediate relief.  The products did not irritate our dog’s skin and the Marshmallow Mud Mange was invaluable when my puppies were too itchy to sleep.  Just a bit soothed them almost instantly.  We were able to safely treat the mites before we ended up with an infestation in our home.

Cindy was so helpful during this process.  She took time to help us discuss our options over the phone and, even better, was true to her word on her 30 day return policy.  I had purchased a second sarcoptic mange kit (just in case) and when we no longer needed to use it, we were able to return it with no questions asked. The return was very timely and accurate.  All of the products arrive in full sized containers and will arrive quickly to your home.  Cindy and her company are a lifesaver to families wanting the best for their dogs.  I would wholeheartedly recommend their products to anyone searching for relief.

Jennifer Evans

“It was fantastic. A miracle.”

I want to thank you for the incredible help you gave me with my dog Nico.He had dandruff, big areas of crusty skin, red, rashy, blotches on his back, neck and sides, hair falling out and constant itching.

My canine herbalist referred me to your site and it soon became clear he had mange.I was grateful to find out what his problem was and to find someone who knew all about the condition and how to cure it without steroids and antibiotics.And with your guidance, I got Nico onto the right treatment.

We did the whole program with Mite Avenge, the Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo, the Povidone Iodine Wipes.We also used fantastic products you have that clean him out internally and detox him such as Milk Thistle and GSE.And since the mange came about because his immune system was weak, we used your wonderful products that beefed up his immunity – 4-Whey Pet Health Builder, Colostrum, Ester-C, E-mune Boost.

The program worked beautifully. Nico’s skin cleared up completely and his hair grew back – all shiny, thick and curly. It was fantastic. A miracle. And it was all done without drugs or chemicals that would have broken down his immune system and possibly caused other problems.Just natural products that worked and brought him back to health.

Now Nico is a happy, healthy dog with bright eyes, a waggy tail, nice, clear skin and a beautiful thick, shiny coat.He gets lots of compliments on his coat.

Your dedication to this work and to your customers/patients goes far beyond just supplying them with products.You care.You go for results.And you certainly got them with Nico and me.

We thank you very much!

I am continuing to use many of the immune and internal cleansing products to keep my little friend strong and healthy.

Geni Smouse

“Giving a dog a better life is only possible with a whole network of people.

And that network includes Happy Dog Naturals for my Frankie boy.”

Frankie's story - Beating demodectic mange

When I adopted Frankie from a shelterhe had mange, was heartworm positive, and very lethargic. He was already going through heartworm treatments at the vet and I didn’t want to make him go there more. Plus the vet only wanted to do a prescription flea medicine to heal his demodex, but his little body had enough and I couldn’t let him suffer.

I did some research and found your products. They worked instantly! We used Mite Avenge, your shampoo, the whey protein powder, some other immune powder, GSE drops, immune support pills, neem pills…. actually I probably bought all your products. I am so glad I did because they helped him tremendously!

Thank you again for all you do!!!! Frankie sends his thanks, as well.

Emily Keeley

“I’d forgotten what a sweet little face he has.”

Thank you for this wonderful product.  My vet has been treating my dog for a horrible skin infection, and I wanted to stop with the steroid shots.

I ordered this product, received it today, and washed him already, following the instructions as recommended.  My furbaby had immediate relief even though he had to stand in the sink for 10 minutes (I helped him not get too cold by rotating hot towels that I ran under the faucet and wrung out and placed on his shivering body.  He was fine and so grateful for the relief!

He does need a few more applications, but the results were magical.  His face is so full of relief, and I’d forgotten just what a sweet little face he has not that he isn’t in so much pain.

Thank you for your product.  I also have allergies and fragrances are a nightmare.  Your product is fragrance-free, and I am so grateful!

Brenda Fraioli!

“I didn’t think she’d make it.”

Just wanted to share Bailey’s story – she’s was a year old in March of 2019- in the Fall of 2018 (after she had several eye surgeries) she started losing circles of fur – her face, back and legs.  After several vet appointments and yes they did test for mites and the first time found nothing – so allergies it was – we started antibiotic and allergy pills – I started making her dog food at home and we saw a holistic vet and started Chinese herbs.

Nothing helped – soon she had open sores and more lost fur- until almost every inch of her was covered in sores and no hair – she was miserable – we were miserable – Finally I found your website and started her treatments January of 2019 -It has been a slow tedious process and there were times I wasn’t sure she would make it- But finally we have our baby back – sassy as ever.  I still use the Whey and Mange Mud and mite avenge – just not every other day like in the beginning.  We use the Flush and Kill weekly and are so happy that something finally helped. Our Vet has been very supportive and pleased with the results too.  I wish I would have researched sooner and not started the meds they had her on- she is now only on an immune booster and the Chinese herbs.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed some tell tale bumps and started the Mange Mud and extra Mite Avenge treatments and it has cleared right up.

The Knudsen family

“Cindy, You are a Godsend!”

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me with Willy. The vet just kept telling me it was allergies and that it couldn’t be mange cause he didn’t look sick enough, even tho he was itching nonstop with pustules. After two years I was really tired and discouraged, but I wasn’t giving up on this little guy. It’s been since April that I said enough to everything else and started treating him naturally. And the vets just looked at me like I was crazy.But I had nothing to lose; he wasn’t going to make it much longer with all their med treatments. His last antibiotic was Apri, but I didn’t start probiotics or any other immune boosting products until I dove in and found you. Thanks to you and your site Willy is doing much better. Thanks again!

Connie and Willy

“Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful and life-changing product.”

Gustav was surrendered by his first family because they could not afford veterinary care for his mange. When we adopted him, he was bald in places and terribly afflicted with demodex mites. He had been on [strong anti-parasitic drugs] for months, but still suffered. When I learned what [the drug] really is, I looked for a better solution and found you. We have been treating him with your products exclusively, and he is a different dog!

He has improved so much.I cannot overstate how grateful I am that you care enough to offer a safe and natural solution to a miserable disease. He is super healthy and happy now. I hope everyone with a mange problem finds you. I would like to give others hope so they know beating back the mites can be done without harming the dog.

Diane Jones

“You and your company are life savers! “

Hello!I do believe that progress is being made and I have mites on the run. I believe that your products are doing more than the ivermectin injections ever could. You and your company are life savers! I can’t thank you enough for your products and your support.

Diane Brizzolara

“I just had to write and let you know that your products are awesome!”

To make a long story short, due to a mix up with our dogs shot records, and an unfortunate “run in” with my husband’s foot (she accidentally bit him on the foot while they were playing ball) our 1 ½ year old Australian Shepherd  had to be quarantined for 10 days at our vet.

When I went to pick her up I noticed a red patch on her muzzle – I just assumed that she had scratched herself.  After about a week, the red patch had gotten worse and I took her back to the vet.  They put her on antibiotics for two weeks.  Well, it did not get any better, just worse.

I took her back in again and they diagnosed it as demodectic mange!  They informed me that the normal course of treatment could not be used with my dog’s breed, so the only option was to have her dipped every week for 6 weeks.  So, I dropped her off the next morning for her dip and went back to get her an hour later at which point I was told that I could not pick her up until that afternoon.  They needed to monitor her to make sure she didn’t have any side effects!  I then went to pick up my dog and she acted as if she had been drugged!!  It took her about 3 days after that toxic dip to get back to normal.

I wigged out inside my head and went straight home and got on the internet to find a better treatment plan because I didn’t want those super toxic chemicals on my dog!!   That is when I discovered your website – a truly God thing!!!  I ordered all the products and received them promptly!   My husband and I were committed to getting rid of the mites without killing our dog.  We followed the treatment schedule laid out by Happy Dog Naturals religiously (even bathing/treating her in the hotel room on our way to Thanksgiving) and are happy to report that she is cured of the mange!!!  Your products really do work and we feel very blessed to have found them!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!

Very Sincerely, Clara Miles and Piper too!

“To Whom this may concern”

I don’t usually take the time to contact product manufacturers, in order to give them praise about their products. But your company has deserved my time and effort in giving you this true story.

About a year ago, I saw a 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier, literally dragging the back of her legs behind her down the street in front of my house. My heart fell as I raced out to rescue her, for I thought that she had been hit by a car. But this was not the case. She had been abandoned.

As I called to her, she turned and crawled back to me, allowing me to pick her up, while at the same time, continually kissing my neck as we cuddled together on our way back to the house. She had been finally rescued! But, unbeknownst to me, her pain and ordeal was far from over….

I immediately took her to my local vet who stated that she had been in the outdoor elements alone for at least three weeks, without any food or water. She was dehydrated and her back leg muscles were totally emaciated. In short, she was a real mess!

On top of all this, she had unbelievable amounts of scabs and sores all over her body that even the vet could not explain. Her sores continued to linger to the point that, even though she was now eating and drinking well, she was in continual pain and losing energy. I next started to investigate over the internet.

I first focused on researching her body sores, which kept coming up as possibly being caused by mites, which was NOT something the vet mentioned concerning her oozing sores. This is when I found you.

I’m telling you, this poor girl was totally infested and in excruciating pain due to these mites! And probably why her former owners chose to finally abandon her. I just had to find some relief for this poor neglected dog! This new Mommy had to act fast! So, I took a chance and invested in your Mite Avenge products.

I was skeptical but your holistic products, when used accordingly, REALLY worked! I’m not going to lie to you, it took a couple of months for me to apply and re-apply your product, but each and every time I did? I saw a tremendous amount of change in her comfort and skin condition.

Today, she’s now the silky little Yorkshire Terrier that God intended her to be. With absolutely no sores or scabs to be found on her body. She makes me laugh and smile every day from the energy she exudes. (She’s such a Mommy’s girl)!

It may have been me who rescued her a year ago? But, it was your company who rescued me!

Thank you Happy Dog – Mite Avenge. May other Mommies or Daddies find your products and SOON!

Patricia T. Demerest

“What a great call”

Thx for all you support and help. What you do is amazing.

Here’s an older pic of the hounds, remodeling the living room and of course they are hanging together.  Jake is the one on the right, he has the mites and he’s doing great now.

Julie Rettig

“I am so thrilled that I could literally cry.”

Wow!  I am totally in awe.  My dog (7 year old pit bull mix) has demodectic mange.  He has had no (or very little) hair since he was about a year old.  I am not a fan of chemicals so we never tried the dips.  He has been relatively happy and healthy…just bald his whole life.

I tried your product.  After one treatment (and I followed all of your directions to the tee, including the warm BP shampoo bath) I can already tell a difference.  He is already starting to get some hair growth and he looks and smells so much better.  He will get his second treatment tonight.

Sandy L. Knight-Brown, PHR

“We took him to the vet and had it taken care of. Or so we thought.”

Thank you for your product. Our dog Echo had mange as a puppy. We took him to the vet and had it taken care of. Or so we thought.

Echo also had dandruff on his back and was itchy and digging and seemed miserable at times. Especially after baths. His fur was also oily and not pleasant to pet.

The vet said he had allergies. We tried [drug] from the Vet, which seemed to work but we still didn’t enjoy petting him. After three years we finally set out to do something about Echo’s condition…

… we came across your web site. We saw the good reviews and the care you take to make sure that research is done before you buy.

We bought the shampoo [Mite Avenge®] and it cleared up everything ! We never knew Echo had such a beautiful coat! Thank you so much for the care you put into your product that helped our dog.

Matt McDonald

“An update and a pat on the back”

I now have the victory flag half raised (maybe 3/4 raised) on beating this confounded problem. I have followed the instructions for full treatment, immune, wipes, avenge, peroxide, food control, no stress, etc. and can now see this beautiful Doberman female returning.

I think that we were close to having to make a very sad decision before we found and started your products. I had tried the vet’s treatment and others that I had found on line when nothing was working and the mange was getting worse.

Now we are almost back to normal. No pus filled pockets, scabs, odor and the hair is returning to a nice coat. Sarah is eating great and being her old self with growing up (now at 9 months) and driving my other fur buddies crazy with her play. This is great as she had retreated into a shell with all her problems with being a rescue and starved almost to death along with worms and demodectic mange with almost all her hair gone and the skin being covered with sores, scabs, and what a stink she gave off. I

I know that this is lengthy but I wanted you to know that I am positive that your products work even tho I was a non believer for a long time the way things were going with the mange. It does get worse before it gets better……Thank you so much for all your information and assistance in replying to my emails…..wish I knew how to send a picture so you could see the difference in this beautiful animal. I also wish I could give more stars.

Jerry Crump

“You truly saved my little girl.”

I wanted you to know what a truly amazing recovery I have had with my Em’me.

I had taken her to two different veterinary hospitals, spent over $1000.00 and there was no change in her condition. She only became worse.

I am so very grateful for your knowledge, and your fabulous website! You truly saved my little girl.

J. Reilly

“You set the pace for how a company should be”

I just wanted to thank you again for your products and support for treating Ruby, my water-fearing former Indian street dog. Your phone help is customer support at its finest!
Jackie Ratcliffe

“More Please”

G’day mates! So far I’ve purchased the Mite Avenge 6  pacs,  immune supplements and the Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo. They have worked really well on my 6 mth Staffy puppy, so I’m back for more. I’m so pleased with the results, She has been to the vet who did detect one mite in the scraping, so I’d like a little more.

So much happier using your product than the ‘off the label’ injections suggested by the vet!  The natural products smell lovely too :-)

Susie Makedonez

“Wow, it’s extremely rare to have a company contact you with such warm regards and concern”

I googled “natural treatment for mites” and your website popped up. I really didn’t know hardly anything on this subject other than knowing that some stray dogs came down with mange. I actually didn’t know all dogs have mites and it just becomes a problem when the dog can’t keep them in check.

After devouring all of the information on your website and determining I was dealing with demodectic vs. sarcoptic mites I ordered my first batch of Mite Avenge.

I’m absolutely sure your products will help him make a full recovery especially with all of the immune helping products I’m giving him… I’m committed to healing my beautiful Great Dane, Jack and thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing all the wonderful information and such “NATURAL” healing products. God Bless,

Laurie Newman

“Thank You!!  The vet noticed his improvement right away”

We rescued a sweet little 7 month old terrier mix that was being treated with an oral med. for puppy mange.  Not knowing much about the condition we continued this treatment.

Weeks into treatment there was not a change in condition. We started looking for info. and other treatment options.  We were lucky enough to come across your product.  We started treatment  and the itching stopped right away. Sam had such a look of relieve after first treatment.  We also started your immune supplements and gave him 5 treatments before he went back to vet.  We were SO excited when Sam received a negative skin test.

His coat is thick and healthy now.  His vet noticed the improvement as soon as she walked in the door.  I had my doubts wondering if this product would work and I am so happy I took the chance.  It was so easy and the results were so fast.  I wish information about this product was available to everyone and I will do my best to help spread the word..   We can’t thank you enough for helping Sammy through this.  He is a very happy boy with out anymore worries about this condition.  I know what it is like to try a product that makes promises and doesn’t delivery but this product is amazing.   Thanks again,

Margery Pfundt

“Allergies? Not likely.”

We have three Labs that came in contact with a red fox that had mange, took the first dog that showed symptoms to the vet he said it was most likely an allergy and not mange.

Shortly after the other two dogs started looking like the first. We decided that the chances that all three dogs had an allergy wasn’t logical, so we decided to try the Mite Avenge treatment. Followed all the instructions fand all three dogs look fantastic!! Back to normal!! No more sores, scratching or chewing. Great product!! So glad we found you Thank you!

John and Anne Greene

“As a last resort, I tried your natural method.”

The torment she had been living with for what seemed like forever disappeared within days! Muffin is so happy now! She is back to normal with no itching or hair loss.

It was with great pleasure that I threw out all the medicines that didn’t work.

Marla S., Charleston, SC

“Now they don’t have to get the steroids anymore!”

… I received my second box of mite avenge and my girls and myself are sooo happy!!!

For the past 3 years I’ve been searching and searching and didn’t know about these mites! But with the reading material that was given on your website (and included with the product) it is perfectly explained!!

You have helped me and my two Frenchies a lot and now they don’t have to get the steroids anymore!!! Thanks with all my heart!

The girls are doing so much better! but those mites are so hard to get rid of! I give the baths only 1x per week now and it has kept the mite population down.

… i’m sticking to just the Milk Thistle, Salmon Oil and the whey protein [4-Whey], they have had a much better appetite!

… gained a little weight and look great much healthier with their shinny eyes!! You have the best products and I tell everyone about them!! Thank-you again for all you do.

Patti Colon, Precious and Lulu

“Thank You.”

I am so glad I purchased your products. My boxer is 90 lbs so I will likely need to order more product. And we have a JRT to treat also. It will still be less than what I spent so far. After $600 at the vet with no results other than the vet thinking I’m crazy, I know I’m on the right track. They have little knowledge of mites, it seems.

Thank you for your products and sharing your knowledge. I’ll be spreading the word.

JenJen & Will

“We spent so much at the Vet.”

Your product was like a freaking miracle! We spent so much at the vet. They wanted to use [drug] which is horrible, it can mess with the liver, and they just wanted our money.

I can’t say enough about your product. It ‘s wonderful. Totally amazing! My husband couldn’t believe it. I really like that it is all natural too. Thank you so much!

Gwen, Gibsonton, FL


I just wanted to let u guys know how happy I am with your product. I saw results almost instantly , itching was calmed and red bumps almost gone by second day. By the forth day all gone – with just the first application! This stuff is amazing! The first picture is before application, middle picture after 2 days, last picture today (day 4), omg!

Leticia Herrera

“Consistent use of Mite Avenge was the only thing that worked.”

We really appreciate your message, as well as the approach to business (data review, communication, support of customers).

We have an eight year old Newfoundland … a few years back, he started having skin problems. We tried EVERYTHING and our vet didn’t know (except that we could spend a great deal on allergy testing).

Then we discovered that he’s allergic to FISH (a Newfie!!) By that time, his immune system was SO compromised, that mites had become a huge secondary problem.

Consistent use of Mite Avenge was the only thing that worked and, exactly as your instructions indicate, we persisted. He does great now. Between diet and treatments every few months, it’s good maintenance. He and we are grateful.

Sharon & Leroy L., Everette, WA

“I don’t really have a question I just wanted to say thank you!”

After months of vet visits, and just when I thought nothing else would work I stumbled upon this product online.  I was skeptical at first at spending so much money and was scared it wouldn’t work, but after just 3 treatments my dog looks so much better and her hair is growing back.  She has returned to her old happy and energetic self and I have your product to thank for it! So thank you again very much!

Matt York

“She’s finally getting to be a dog and once again escaping euthanasia.”

She has the most hair she has had in a LONG time!!!!

And for the first time, she is a puppy, a 6 month old playing very hard, loving on everybody and tail wagging and eating lots, so thanks to you all and mite avenge for finally getting its time to shine.

Christine, Sarasota, FL

“Henry’s Happily Ending Story”

Two days after we brought Henry (3 mo. old Golden Retriever) home I noticed a round spot of no hair on his side. Vet said, “oh that is just a scrap, put some Neosporin on it and he will be fine.” Well, it did not get better, it began to grow and grow and grow. I read about it and believed it was mange. .

I used lime sulfur but Henry would break out again and again. He lost most all his hair on his legs and when it simply fell out on the top of his beautiful golden haired head, I just cried and cried for him.

I started searching on the Internet. I came across Happy Dog Naturals Page. As I read I was so enlightened. Why? Because it was absolutely the most sensible answer.

I felt instant relief, the tears stopped and I began the treatments: We washed him with Flush and Kill then treated him with the Mite Avenge per all the instructions, twice a week for two months. (I use Flush and Kill whenever I bath him.) Henry is so happy to be free of mange, 2 years now.

I always start with Happy Dog Naturals when purchasing products because they are so careful with what the recommend. I just bought the Ear Mite Lotion and Boracetic Ear Flush, from Happy Dog, he has been shaking his head and scratching his ears and shows signs of ear mites.

Thank goodness for providers like Happy Dog Naturals who will tell you like it is!!! Henry is a HUGE part of this family and what a PURE JOY he is. I have all the confidence in Happy Dog Naturals and send them hugs and kisses from our whole family, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Lou Russo

“Your product worked when nothing else did.”

Count us in as happy customers. Your product worked when nothing else did. We are very happy and will recommend it to anyone who needs it.

Greg H., Loxahatchee, FL

“I can not believe how much relief he felt after using these wonderful products.”

I have a very happy 13 yr old Basset! After one shampoo and one treatment, he has not scratched or kept me awake. I can not believe how much relief he felt after using these wonderful products. On the plus side, he smells wonderful.

Your company and products are absolutely perfect. It is so comforting to see Moose lay down to sleep and not wake up every 30 min to scratch.

I really liked the fact no pesticides or chemicals was getting into or on my boy.

Moose and I can not thank you enough and I feel fortunate to have found your website. Very informative and easy to understand.

Suzette Cook & a comfortable and HAPPY Moose, Dunedin, FL

“Email Update on Jessie.”

Just wanted to let you know that our Jessie is doing really well now. She has all her fur back even on her face and looking more like a pretty princess again.

She had a skin scrap last week and they found no more live mites just a few dead ones. I am still going to keep her on your good immune boosting supplements.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help with her, things are now looking up….THANK GOODNESS…

Carole Wood & Jessie

“HI, this is Rebecca, in Des Moines, Iowa…”

I’m the one that called you a month or two ago to tell you that both my dogs were finally clear of the Sarcoptic mange. I finally remembered to send you the pictures!

The only photos I had taken during this whole many-month saga were of the tail of one of my dogs. She had self-mutilated to the point that it was a bloody stump, and I had taken a picture to show the vet.

For some reason I never took any other pics during the worst of this, maybe I didn’t want to have any reminders later.  :)

As it progressed, the other dog lost all the fur on his elbows and neither had any fur on their bellies at all, and very thin scant fur on the rest of their bodies. And these are Bouviers, with normally thick beautiful fur, both undercoat and topcoat! They had also turned a different color from the Avenge, but that grew out, and as of their last grooming it is all gone, and they are both back to their normal gorgeous black/gray color and just beautiful.

Thanks again for a site full of great helpful products, and for providing a place to turn for those of us whose dogs have the misfortune to contract this!!


“I have been using your product and it has made a world of difference for my dog!”

So first, a huge thank you for the well-organized information available on your website. I appreciated the simple instructions and clear communication regarding how to give a bath that maximizes the use of the shampoo and the mite advantage.

I also appreciated the fast shipping – timing was so important!

Cathy F., Orange, CA