Everyone has a story to tell.

And our customers tell ours better than we ever could.

We understand you may still be skeptical. After all, if you’re like most of our customers you’ve been through the ringer and you’ve been disappointed with nearly every other method you’ve tried.

In fact, we have many converts who are now ecstatic Mite Avenge customer and regularly get rave reviews and wonderful comments on how it has helped their pets.

Here’s just a small handful of the many enthusiastic success stories we receive:

“We took him to the vet and had it taken care of. Or so we thought.”

Thank you for your product. Our dog Echo had mange as a puppy. We took him to the vet and had it taken care of. Or so we thought.

Echo also had dandruff on his back and was itchy and digging and seemed miserable at times. Especially after baths. His fur was also oily and not pleasant to pet.

The vet said he had allergies. We tried Apoquil from the Vet, which seemed work but we still didn’t enjoy petting him. After three years we finally set out to do something about Echo’s condition…

… we came across your web site. We saw the good reviews and the care you take to make sure that research is done before you buy.

We bought the shampoo [Mite Avenge®] and it cleared up everything ! We never knew Echo had such a beautiful coat! Thank you so much for the care you put into your product that helped our dog.

Matt McDonald

“You truly saved my little girl.”

I wanted you to know what a truly amazing recovery I have had with my Em’me.

I had taken her to two different veterinary hospitals, spent over $1000.00 and there was no change in her condition. She only became worse.

I am so very grateful for your knowledge, and your fabulous website! You truly saved my little girl.

J. Reilly

“Wow, it’s extremely rare to have a company contact you with such warm regards and concern.”

I googled “natural treatment for mites” and your website popped up. I really didn’t know hardly anything on this subject other than knowing that some stray dogs came down with mange. I actually didn’t know all dogs have mites and it just becomes a problem when the dog can’t keep them in check.

After devouring all of the information on your website and determining I was dealing with demodectic vs. sarcoptic mites I ordered my first batch of Mite Avenge.

I’m absolutely sure your products will help him make a full recovery especially with all of the immune helping products I’m giving him… I’m committed to healing my beautiful Great Dane, Jack and thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing all the wonderful information and such “NATURAL” healing products. God Bless,

Laurie Newman

“As a last resort, I tried your natural method.”

The torment she had been living with for what seemed like forever disappeared within days! Muffin is so happy now! She is back to normal with no itching or hair loss. 

It was with great pleasure that I threw out all the medicines that didn’t work.

Marla S., Charleston, SC

“Now they don’t have to get the steroids anymore!”


… I received my second box of mite avenge and my girls and myself are sooo happy!!!

For the past 3 years I’ve been searching and searching and didn’t know about these mites! But with the reading material that was given on your website (and included with the product) it is perfectly explained!!

You have helped me and my two Frenchies a lot and now they don’t have to get the steroids anymore!!! Thanks with all my heart!

The girls are doing so much better! but those mites are so hard to get rid of! I give the baths only 1x per week now and it has kept the mite population down.

… i’m sticking to just the Milk Thistle, Salmon Oil and the whey protein [4-Whey], they have had a much better appetite!

… gained a little weight and look great much healthier with their shinny eyes!! You have the best products and I tell everyone about them!! Thank-you again for all you do.

Patti Colon, Precious and Lulu

“We spent so much at the Vet.”

Your product was like a freaking miracle! We spent so much at the vet. They wanted to use prednizone which is horrible, it can mess with the liver, and they just wanted our money.

I can’t say enough about your product. It ‘s wonderful. Totally amazing! My husband couldn’t believe it. I really like that it is all natural too. Thank you so much!

Gwen, Gibsonton, FL

“Consistent use of Mite Avenge was the only thing that worked.”

We really appreciate your message, as well as the approach to business (data review, communication, support of customers).

We have an eight year old Newfoundland … a few years back, he started having skin problems. We tried EVERYTHING and our vet didn’t know (except that we could spend a great deal on allergy testing).

Then we discovered that he’s allergic to FISH (a Newfie!!) By that time, his immune system was SO compromised, that mites had become a huge secondary problem.

Consistent use of Mite Avenge was the only thing that worked and, exactly as your instructions indicate, we persisted. He does great now. Between diet and treatments every few months, it’s good maintenance. He and we are grateful.

Sharon & Leroy L., Everette, WA

“She’s finally getting to be a dog and once again escaping euthanasia.”

She has the most hair she has had in a LONG time!!!!

And for the first time, she is a puppy, a 6 month old playing very hard, loving on everybody and tail wagging and eating lots, so thanks to you all and mite avenge for finally getting its time to shine.

Christine, Sarasota, FL

“Your product worked when nothing else did.”

Count us in as happy customers. Your product worked when nothing else did. We are very happy and will recommend it to anyone who needs it.

Greg H., Loxahatchee, FL

“I can not believe how much relief he felt after using these wonderful products.”

I have a very happy 13 yr old Basset! After one shampoo and one treatment, he has not scratched or kept me awake. I can not believe how much relief he felt after using these wonderful products. On the plus side, he smells wonderful.

Your company and products are absolutely perfect. It is so comforting to see Moose lay down to sleep and not wake up every 30 min to scratch.

I really liked the fact no pesticides or chemicals was getting into or on my boy.

Moose and I can not thank you enough and I feel fortunate to have found your website. Very informative and easy to understand.

Suzette Cook & a comfortable and HAPPY Moose, Dunedin, FL

“I have been using your product and it has made a world of difference for my dog!”

So first, a huge thank you for the well-organized information available on your website. I appreciated the simple instructions and clear communication regarding how to give a bath that maximizes the use of the shampoo and the mite advantage.

I also appreciated the fast shipping – timing was so important!

Cathy F., Orange, CA