Rocky Rocks It!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

My boy Rocky, a boxer, was very sick for 3 months. There were times when I was terrified I’d lose him. He had mites plus a horrible odor. He had infections and non-stop weakness. Blood covered everything and I had to carry him everywhere.

I tried Ivermectin but he was still not a normal a puppy — inactive, sick to his stomach, raw, balding and losing more hair everyday. He had black spots and moles, terrible redness and he was miserable. He was definitely a puppy not living; the look in his eyes was so sad.

Not The life he was meant to live

I was so scared for him. Then I found Happy Dog Naturals. Now my Rocky is healing quickly. He is alive, active, the odor is going away. He’s healthy once again with no bleeding, no sores, no moles. A happy puppy again. No infections, no sickness. His skin became healthy fast and hair started coming back. And he’s so full of energy and so beautiful. When I walk Rocky now I get so many complements on having such a beautiful dog.

Happy Dog Naturals cured my boy!

Mite Avenge is amazing! It cured the mange. They helped me learn how to cure the real problems that kept him sick. You must get Happy Dog Naturals’ products, to help your dog live again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

We’re still working on the last of the mange but he looks amazing now. Thank you for giving me my boy back. That’s from me and Rocky. Here are some pictures of before Mite Avenge and how great Rocky is looking now – all because of your products.

One Year Update!!

It’s hard to put into words. I’m blessed. Rocky’s blessed. Happy Dog Naturals did it! They saved Rocky’s life. They saved my life. I really mean that.

It’s been over a year since I found them and Rocky is the best he’s ever been. He’s looking good and he’s so strong. I think it must be those vitamins.

Cindy and Taylor were always there for me. They were honest in the beginning and they still are. Rocky has been clear for a while now but I want to do everything to keep him that way. They explained about maintenance to me so I know what to do to keep my boy healthy and handsome. I am so, so grateful. They saved my boy’s life.