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Survivor Story from: Patricia T. Demarest

I don’t usually take the time to contact product manufacturers, in order to give them praise about their products. But your company has deserved my time and effort in giving you this true story.

About a year ago, I saw a 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier, literally dragging the back of her legs behind her down the street in front of my house. My heart fell as I raced out to rescue her, for I thought that she had been hit by a car. But this was not the case. She had been abandoned.

As I called to her, she turned and crawled back to me, allowing me to pick her up, while at the same time, continually kissing my neck as we cuddled together on our way back to the house.

She had been finally rescued! But, unbeknownst to me, her pain and ordeal was far from over…. I immediately took her to my local vet who stated that she had been out in the outdoor elements for at least three weeks, without any food or water, and was totally dehydrated. The vet also noticed that the dog’s back leg muscles were totally emaciated. In short, she was a real mess!

And, on top of all this, the dog had unbelievable amounts of scabs and sores all over her body that even the vet could not explain, but had taken swabs from her ears, thus claiming that she had ear mites.

In short, my new found friend, on the first day, I picked her up off the street, cost me well over $200.00 in exams, rabies shots, ear mite drops, special foods and what ever else the good doctor ordered. But, ironically, her body sores continued to linger to the point that, even though the dog was now eating and drinking well, she continued to be in pain and lose energy. I next started to investigate other health conditions over the Internet concerning dogs.

This is when I found you. For, I first focused on researching her body sores, which kept coming up as possibly being that of “body mites”. A diagnosis, first made by my vet, concerning her ears, but NOT something that the Vet said was the problem concerning the oozing sores found on her body.

I’m telling you, this poor girl was totally infested and in excruciating pain due to body mites! And probably why her former owners chose to finally abandon her. For, I looked high and low for your former “Mommy,” but to no avail. And, as for my becoming her new “Mommy?” I just had to find some relief for this poor neglected dog! I just had to act fast! And I was in need of your products!

So, I took a chance and invested in your “Mite Avenge” products. For, I had discovered on your website that mites, can burrow down seven layers deep into your dog’s skin, only to resurface to procreate, and then burrow back down, thus causing unbearable pain and sores for your dog. And this is all based on the mite’s mating cycles. So, if you don’t get them when they decide to surface, the cycle just continues and continues until you and your dog are half out of your minds!

But your holistic products, when used accordingly, worked! I’m not going to lie to you, it took a couple of months for me to apply and re-apply your product, (once every two weeks), but each and every time I did? I saw a tremendous amount of change in her comfort and skin condition. (Editor’s note: It is recommended that Demodectic Mange be treated at least twice a week Mite Avenge and once a week for Sarcoptic mange.)

Today, she’s now the silky little Yorkshire Terrier that God intended her to be. With absolutely no sores or scabs to be found on her body. She makes me laugh and smile every day from the energy she protrudes. (She’s such a Mommy’s girl)!

It may have been me, who rescued her a year ago? But, it was your company who rescued me!
Thank you Happy Dog – Mite Avenge. May other Mommy’s or Daddy’s find your products and SOON!

Patricia T. Demarest
Nashville, Tennessee