Over-vaccination and Vaccinosis

You’ve probably heard the term vaccinosis before, but what does it really mean? It’s more than over-vaccination. Dr. Richard Pitcairn, who holds a PhD in immunology, puts it this way: “Vaccinosis is to be understood as the disturbance of the vital force by vaccination that results in mental, emotional, or a physical change that can, in some cases, be a permanent condition. Vaccines intended to protect pets against acute natural diseases can actually create chronic conditions.”

Vaccinosis and over-vaccination are conditions recognized typically only by the holistic community. Adverse reactions are not tracked by the traditional veterinary industry. In order to qualify as an adverse event, the reaction must happen in the vet’s office within minutes of the vaccine being administered. In reality, reactions can be delayed, sometimes by years. And even one vaccination has the potential to haunt a dog for a lifetime.

Vaccinations deal a hard blow to a pet’s immune system. By design, the intention is to disrupt the natural state by introducing modified live viruses, killed viruses and a number of toxic substances in order to stimulate the production of antibodies that initiate immunity. Vaccine reactions, or vaccinosis, are wide-ranging. Some reactions are relatively minor, while others are life-threatening. Even without visible reactions, a pet’s immune system is inevitably altered in multiple ways by the well-intended, supposedly safe vaccination.

The breakdown begins in the laboratory, where natural viruses are modified in order to make vaccines. Where a natural virus would trigger a strong immune response, the modified lab-created virus in the vaccine (injected directly into the blood and lymph, bypassing the body’s first line defenses) doesn’t elicit the same type of reaction by the animal’s immune system. Instead, it can create chronic disease.

Vaccine reactions, or miasims in cases involving rabies vaccinations, are wide and varied. A few examples include fever, tenderness or swelling around the inoculation site, flu-like symptoms, loss of appetite, depression, lethargy, limping, vomiting, diarrhea, and anxiety. More severe reactions may include autoimmune diseases, chronic skin problems, irritable bowel disorders, aggression, lupus pemphigus, hypothyroidism, seizures, anaphylactic shock, cancer, (including delayed injection-site carcinoma) and even death. Chronic problems may be difficult to trace back to vaccinations, only because the symptoms or the health problems can begin weeks, months and even years later.

According to holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, your pet’s risk depends on the strength and balance of its immune system. As each animal’s immune system is different, there’s no way to predict (unless your pet has had a reaction in the past) how much danger your dog or cat is in from exposure to the modified virus contained in any given vaccine or the many toxic ingredients it contains.

Avoiding vaccinations is not realistic for most pet parents. However, a simple blood test called a titer, measures the animal’s level of immunity, meaning most annual adult boosters (after the first puppy booster) can be skipped because they are redundant. Many of our customers just titer test and find that their pet’s core puppy vaccinations provide years, sometimes a lifetime, of immunity. 

When vaccination is required, or vaccinosis has already reared its head, homeopathic remedies help prevent or treat vaccinosis. The most common remedies are thuja occidentalis followed by sulphur for all vaccines except rabies. For rabies, the correct remedy is lyssin. Oral liquids are recommended over pellets as they are readily absorbed directly through mucosal membranes rather than risking the perils of effectively making it through the digestive tract. Trained homeopathic vets can assist with the proper remedies and dosing. Specialty companies can also supply pharmaceutical-grade remedies. Renown holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Dodds recommends Natural Rearing (541-899-2080).


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